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  • Over 10,000 NHS professionals use our on-line assessment tools

  • IAPTus is used by 7000 staff in 90 services covering two thirds of the English population

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  • Half a million patients, clients & service users, 100 care pathways, 150,000 contacts a month

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  • Each day, 20,000 unique visitors pass through our data centres

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Mayden is driven to add value to the healthcare services by developing innovative, cloud-based software solutions and applications with the power to change the way that healthcare is delivered by staff and experienced by patients.

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  • Mayden is a Bath Business Awards Finalist 2012
  • Mayden is a Healthcare IT Product Innovation Finalist
  • Mayden is a Health Investor Finalist
  • Mayden is a Bath Business Awards Finalist 2011

Company news

16th Jan 2015
Mayden software developer becomes only 5th person in UK to pass ZF2 exam

Mayden software developer, Dan Messenger, has become the 5th person in the UK to pass the Zend Framework 2 certification exam since its launch in 2013. Read more
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